Sep 28, 2010

Mt. ReadMore

Books Take You to New Heights

Fall Into Reading

Cute Sheeps

Flying High with Reading

Investigate a New Book

Look at My Library

Nothing, but Reading We're Buzzing about...

I was inspired by Mr. Big's song Noting but Love.

Good Books by the Bunch

Library Door

Database Teddies

Sneaking Up on a Good Book!

We're NUTS about Reading

Music is the Poetry of the Air

This Music Room is Hopping!

The Fun Never Ends, When You Read with Friends!

A Reading Wonderland

Music is a Treat

 I got the ice cream scoop templates at

A Race for Computer Knowledge

The Next Bill Gates is Nurtured Here

Library is the Coolest Place to 'Bee'

Welcome to the Land of Literature

Dangling Leaves

Blossoming Scientist

Books Take You Over The Rainbow

'I - Gwana' Read These Books

Turn On to Reading!

I got the crack on the wall after a 7.3 Magnitude Richter Scale earthquake on 2 Sep 2009. The epicenter was located 142 km from Tasikmalaya (West Java) at a depth of about 50 km. The quake was felt in Jakarta and all the way East to Bali.